Tick Store's own product line, Tick Gaiter, was introduced in 2014. Tick Gaiters were designed, once treated with Permethrin, to repel insect, kill ticks and other insects on contact. Tick Gaiters are offered in youth and adult sizes. According to Tick Encounter Resource Center, studies have shown that deer ticks need only a brief exposure to obtain a lethal dose of properly Permethrin treated tick repellent clothing.

The path for the creation of Tick Gaiters came about as our outdoor loving family encountered Lyme disease. At seven years, our oldest son, Ethan, began complaining about eye pain and muscle aches. Random mention of his discomfort progressed to more than ten other ailments by his eight birthday.

At Ethan's eight year checkup we ran through the list of ailments. This started us on the journey of weekly to bi-weekly doctor appointments complete with blood work on many occasions. Appointments with specialists were made.

Ethan's symptoms progressed from the invisible, body aches and pains, to the visible, loss of balance and concentration. Staying at school was a challenge the last two months of the school year due to brain fog, stomach aches and dizziness to the point of falling over.

We insisted on testing for Lyme disease, in spite of the doctor's insistence this was not Lyme disease. The test came back negative. We would have accepted the results had we not had a friend who battled Lyme for more than five years. Deeper review of the results showed markers that should have been checked further. The test results instructed that Ethan be re-tested again in two weeks' time, an instruction his doctors did not bring to our attention.

We were frustrated and contemplated other avenues beyond our current doctor. The turning point came one morning when Ethan woke up in pain and asked if it was strange that he hurt when all he did was sleep. It was then that we decided to pursue an appointment with a Lyme literate doctor. Ethan was retested. His results returned positive and was then treated for Lyme disease. Thankfully, four months later he felt like a normal eight year old boy.

We wanted to continue enjoying our time outdoors but didn't want to fear ticks every time we ventured in the woods. We looked for ways to protect ourselves and our three children when hiking or playing in the woods. Finding little to no products for children, we came up with the idea of an easy to use stay-put Tick Gaiter.

We are in the habit of using repellents before our family hikes in the woods and take the time to perform tick checks after outdoor play. Most importantly, our Tick Gaiters, once treated with Permethrin are a great tool to reduce our exposure to Lyme disease.

There are also many top of the line products available from sprays to tick removal tools and test kits to round out your tick prevention needs.